Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Aspie Only Wants to Be Left Alone (That's What You Think Anyway)

Your young Aspie may seem content to sit in front of the computer, but in my experience it is simply a surrogate for genuine socialization, and while Aspies may tend to be more secluded indoors and in front of a glowing screen, it is usually those very same individuals who yearn the most for social interaction with real people. This may seem counterintuitive but the front they put forth tends to be an acquired reaction after so many years of rejection and even verbal abuse causing them to slink back into the depths of loneliness. Aspies, of course, enjoy their solitude and alone time, but they ultimately want to share their myriad thoughts and ideas with others, tho perhaps only on a limited or one-on-one basis. All humans crave affection and attention in some form or another, so if you realize that they are finding this attention in non-physical engagements online then you can see that the reason they are spending so much time communicating with others in the virtual world is because they are lacking that in the real one. I'd bet if you studied their internet usage you would see that they are not "alone" at all, meaning simply playing games or surfing web sites only reading information, but more likely they are in chats, on forums, Facebook and the like, all places where they are, you guessed it, interacting with other people! Don’t limit your mind to what at first seems the most apparent or what others tell you, but dig a little deeper and I am certain that you will both be the happier for it.

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